Hello Listeners...

I don’t even like Vriska that much and Terezi is my Patron Troll whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I made two pairs of Vriska glasses the other day while I was extremely bored. I was originally going to make the 2nd pair first but whaddya know I couldn’t find them but then of course they popped up after I had already made the first pair jbdfjvhjbvBLLAAAAAAARGH >:U

Kay now some info stuffs.

1st Pair.

I had gotten this pair about a year ago from my grandparents, they were sunglasses that they didn’t want. A couple weeks ago, just for fun, I smashed one of the eyes out with plyers :D I then had the idea to make Vriska glasses with it -u- The pupils I made from red fabric paint because I hadn’t thing else.

I know they’re not the type of glasses that Vriska has but it was all I had at the moment. I might sell them dirt cheap to someone who actually wants them maybe… MAYBE.

2nd Pair.

These were some hipster glasses I got at Claire’s one year for my birthday and they had a cute sparkly bow on them. I NEVER WORE THEM ( I thought they were adorable but they just weren’t me). They were hidden away in a drawer for forever and eventually the bow fell off. I only colored the inside of the frame black with nail polish and the outside was the fabric paint. I’m definately keeping them.

By the way the mess with your eyes A LOT.